Monday, August 8, 2011

The Ronald Reagan Museum at Eureka College

It's no secret that I think President Ronald Reagan was the greatest president of the past century, and so it was with great excitement that I took my daughter to visit the Reagan Museum at his alma mater -- Eureka College in Eureka, IL.

I had visited the museum briefly back in 2001, but it was in the context of a work trip, and I honestly don't remember much.

We weren't disappointed. From Dutch's cowboy boots and his college diploma, to the model of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan and the "Key to the City" awarded him by the citizens of Eureka back in 1967 -- the museum is a small gem.

As you can see from the photo slideshow below, the museum featured memorabilia from his days as an actor, as governor of California, and as president. The museum is small, but worth the trip.

Outside the museum is the "Ronald Reagan Peace Garden," which features a bronze bust of the 41st President, as well as a sizable panel from the Berlin Wall (see photo above). The museum provides this description of the Peace Garden:
In a May 9, 1982 speech at Eureka College, President Reagan challenged the Soviet Union to a new era of negotiations to reduce nuclear arms -- called START. The speech has been labeled "The Beginning of the End of the Cold War."

To commemorate President Reagan's commitment to world peace and the important 1982 speech he presented at Eureka, the College dedicated the Ronald Reagan Peace Garden in May of 2000. The Peace Garden was a gift to the College from Mr. and Mrs. David J. Vaughan of Peoria Heights, Illinois.
Please read our friend Marathon Pundit's recent post on the Reagan Museum as part of his series on the "Ronald Reagan Trail."

Enjoy the photo slideshow below:

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